Are Sneakers the New Heels? 12+ Ways to Wear Dresses with Sneakers

Are Sneakers the New Heels? 12+ Ways to Wear Dresses with Sneakers

If there’s one thing that the global pandemic has taught us as it relates to fashion it’s that comfort is key. Whether you’re turning bralettes into your everyday glam or showing just how chic joggers can, fashion can be cute and cozy. Comfort fashion is definitely one of the trends emerging from the pandemic. 

While not all pandemic fashion trends will make it out of your home (but more power to you if you’re giving up bras for good), sneaker fashion is certainly here to stay. You might be wondering how to wear dresses with sneakers. 

Wearing a dress with sneakers used to be reserved for a busy professional on her morning commute. You don’t have to get into the office and swap your sneakers for heels anymore. Sneakers ARE the look.

We turned to some of our favorite plus size sneaker fashionistas for inspiration and here are 12+ ways to wear dresses with sneakers.

1. Go For Midi

Plus size midi dress with sneakers

Leave it to Thick Laces contributor Crys LaJoy to show exactly how to rock a midi dress with sneakers. Don't be afraid to rock this free-flowing style with any sneaker that feels good to you! 


2. Tulle Up the Volume

Plus size tulle dress with sneakers

I don't know what's more iconic the Lirika Matoshi Strawberry Dress or Jazzyne Jay wearing it! Jazzmyne borrowed the dress from pal Tess Holliday who wore it to the Grammy's red carpet. True to Jazzymne's style, she paired the glamorous dress with a pair of red Chucks. 



 3. Jacket It Up

plus size style inspiration

Plus size content creator, Louange shows that adding a jacket and belt to a dress gives an instant street chic flair. This vibe sets the stage for an obvious sneaker pairing. 

4. Step Up to the Platform

plus size sneaker style

There's something about platform sneakers that clearly says "I'm not working out in these sneakers." That sentiment makes it easy to style this elevated design with a dress. Just check out Thick Laces contributor B.Garrett for inspiration! 

5. To The Tee

plus size t-shirt dress with sneakers 

If the platform is seen as the dressiest possible sneaker then the t-shirt dress is quite possibly the most casual dress possible. It's easy to see why taking an oversized tee and wearing it as a dress is a perfect match for a fresh pair of kicks. Corri shows us all how it's done. 


6. Ruffle a Few Feathers

plus size dress with sneakers

What is style if not pushing a few boundaries and ruffling a few feathers? Wearing a dress with a lot of volume can make quite a statement. If you add some sneakers, you can take it to the next level of bold. Melissa of FabGlance pulls this off flawlessly! 


7. Grade A Athleisure

plus size dress with sneakers

A hoodie dress may be activewear but add a corset-style top and you've got elevated athlesiure. Thick Laces contributor Tiona Deniece sported this look for Easter and it was truly egg-cellant. 

8. Rainbow Brite

plus size dress with sneakers

Self-proclaimed color enthusiast Jeannette Burchfield is an expert at bright and colorful plus size style. When Jeannette wears sneakers with dresses, she often chooses a simple white tennis shoe to complete the look. 

 9. Pattern Match

plus size sneaker style

Midwestern plus size blogger Ann Adams shows that you don't have to live in a big city to be street chic. She paired this snakeskin dress with sneakers of the same scale. Why pattern mix when you can monochrome? 

10. Medal in Metallic 

Sneaker Ball style

Don't be afraid to shine. A Sneaker Gala is certainly a reason to break out the fitted sequin dress with a pair of Retro 1's. The slit in Sharnis Ashley's dress gives a perfect view of her sneaker game. 

11. Slip Up

plus size sneaker style - Essie Golden

The slip dress is definitely having a moment. Pairing perfect with pandemic comfort fashion, this slinky look pairs well with a sleek sneaker. Thick Laces co-founder Essie Golden pairs this slip dress with Blazers. 

12. Take it to the Core

plus size sneaker style

If you think cottagecore and sneakers don't belong in the same sentence, you clearly haven't seen Jamie Hamilton's dreamy aesthetic. She finds a way to take vintage nostalgia and make it modern. White chucks never go out of style so that's the easiest way to pair sneakers with your cottagecore looks. 


Plus size wedding dress with sneakers

Yours truly, Ready to Stare, popping in to let you know that you can even wear sneakers with your wedding dress. I covered a metallic pair of Converse in rhinestones for an extra bit of shine. 

Even on your biggest day, comfort is still key! Sneakers are not just for the gym. You can wear sneakers with dresses and everything in between. 


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