Women Sneaker Collaborations We'd Like To See

Women Sneaker Collaborations We'd Like To See





Everybody loves a good collab sneaker, and weve seen some pretty good ones over the years. But when it comes to women, I feel like in some instances big brands miss the mark. Now dont get me wrong, there have been some really fire signature shoe collabs, take Melody Eshani and Aleali May for example, these women have created some really great sneakers and  me and many other women have tried to move heaven and earth to get our hands on a few pairs. 


But on the other hand, I feel like certain influential women are overlooked when it comes to sneakers and especially when it comes to sneaker collaborations. I guess Im a sneaker puristmeaning that I want to see more women that are really about the sneaker culture they claim to be apart of collaborate and make signature shoes. So in this article I want to suggest women Id like to see get a fly sneaker collaboration. 


Teyanna Taylor 



Ok so we know Teyanna had a sneaker collaboration awhile back with Adidas, and I absolutely adored the shoes.  But what about now? I think over the past few years she has grown as an artist, a director and as a fashionista, so a new sneaker silhouette with her could be very dope! Can you imagine the marketing campaign? I think Jordan did a great job with their womens clothing drop she was featured in about a year ago, but I was super surprised they didnt do a signature sneaker for her along with the initial drop. What type of color way could you see Teyanna do? Hopefully we will find out sooner rather than later.  


Ty Young 


I honestly feel this woman goes without saying. Ty has been a staple in the sneaker community for a number of years. She is effortlessly fly and always has the best kicks. Interestingly enough I havent seen her with her own collab shoe yet. Now that shes a Reebok athlete it will be intriguing to see how they make her a bigger part of the brand.  I think it would be good for young female athletes to see Ty with her own Question mid colorway, or a new Womens basketball shoe. Time will tell for Reebok.  


Missy Elliott 


Missy Elliott is one of those artists that has no problem with pushing the envelope when it comes to her artistry. She has created innovative, and timeless music, but she also has done a lot to work with kids from putting them in her videos, to working with them to to help better their lives. Missy uses a lot of color in her music videos and also has a colorful and fun personality. In the past weve seen her do a lot with Adidas, so it would be cool to see them work on something exciting together. Can you imagine the colors that would be in her sneaker collaboration? (heart eyes).  






Chika is known for being unapologetically herself, not being afraid to rap about controversial issues and remaining true to her own personal style. Not only has she taken the hip-hop world by storm, but sneakers as well. One of my favorite moments was during the 2021 Grammys where she was rocking a colorful custom Nike x Icon tracksuit. I can see a fun campaign with her and Nike or even New Balance with a bold and fierce imagery to match her lyricism.  



Kamala Harris 


Theres so many reasons why we love our Vice President, for starters, she has and still is breaking down numerous barriers not just in politics but in the sneaker world as well. Being the first woman to rock sneakers publicly as a politician, weve all seen her grace various stages in her converse all-stars. Mrs. Vice-President set the tone for professional women everywhere, showing that you can still be comfortable and classy in your kicks. How cool would it be to see her get a Converse collab all star? I can hear the presidential music playing in the background.  




These are just a few names that come to mind when I think of sneaker collaborations with big brands. I know there are other women that could completely crush a signature shoe if given the opportunity, (like me for example LOL). I believe as more light is shown on the amazing and creative women within the culture, brands will have no choice but to become more open minded when it comes to working with us.  

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