How to Shop the Men's Section Like a Boss

How to Shop the Men's Section Like a Boss



When it comes to plus-size streetwear, the options in women’s are severely limited. I’ve always been one to shop the men’s section. It can definitely be easier to find pieces I love in my size, and it’s a way to customize my style. But if you’ve never shopped menswear before, it can be a little scary. No worries! We’ve got you covered.


Shopping for Menswear

We asked a few of our favorite style stars what they love about shopping in the men’s section, and they also have some tips on how you can shop there too!




I shop the men’s section because it’s easier for me to find better fits in length, especially for coats and jackets. Also, because of my personal style, I like menswear since it allows me to mix up my fits while still having some feminine pieces. Being plus size, I find it more difficult to find the proper sizing to fit my body in the style I prefer.





I shop for menswear because it gives me a lot more sizing options. It’s a lot easier to find XXL+ in menswear than in womenswear, especially if you’re shopping second-hand. I find myself checking the menswear section first for things like flannels and windbreakers.


Shanyah Adams-Grier


When it comes to my sense of style and shopping as a plus-sized woman, I do what works best for me. I am always looking for pieces that are comfortable, versatile, and make me feel good. With that in mind, I often find myself browsing and buying items from the men’s section. Whether it be a graphic/statement tee, sweatpants, jeans, jackets, cargos, or crewnecks/hoodies, there are always pieces that tend to end up in my wardrobe. The majority of items within the men’s section typically have enough versatility for me to style and are comfortable enough for me to wear — even if they are made with men in mind.





I’ve always shopped in the men’s section. It’s my go-to for comfy looks like sweats, tee shirts, and anything loose-fitting. I find that men’s jeans are the best fit for me when I do not want anything right fitting on my hips or butt. I distress them myself, and they last years. Shopping from the men’s section allows me to cater to my Tomboy style. I mix menswear with women’s and create looks.





I just go in there, see something I like, and buy it. Clothes aren’t gender-based for me. If it’s dope, then why can’t I wear it? My advice is don’t be afraid of the size on the tag. Men’s bottoms are cut differently, so be careful of the hips, thighs, and oh my’s.


Crys LaJoy


Typically, the “cute” stuff comes in my size, but I’m not really a “cute” dresser! I like fly shit, and the shit is always in the men’s department! So that’s basically where you’ll find me. Most of the brands I really eff with aren’t inclusive with women’s sizing, so I shimmy on over to men’s, and it’s very rare that I’m disappointed! An easy go-to when shopping in menswear is joggers or camo pants! I’m not really into denim, even in women’s, so I stay away from it in men’s as well. Their denim hits different, but if you’re into getting your clothes altered, I say go for it! Grab a pair of men’s denim and get it tailored to fit all your womanly curves, even if it’s just a baggy fit. Men’s clothing can be pretty basic when it comes to tops, so that’s an easy kill in regards to sizing. I’m busty, so I’m here for their shirts too.




I often shop the men’s section when there’s a dope streetwear brand or designer that unfortunately doesn’t carry plus sizes. Since many designers and streetwear brands run small to begin with, I usually get the same size in men’s that I would shop in plus. For example, I wear a 2X, so when I’m checking out the men’s section of brands like Kith, Comme des Garçons, Moschino, etc., I’ll usually find a T-shirt or hoodie I like in XXL. That’s what typically works for me. Also, since men’s clothes are sometimes cut differently, it doesn’t hurt to allow for extra room in the chest area.




It can take a little practice to find what works for you in the men’s section but learning how to shop the men’s section is completely worth it. You can find unique ways to upgrade your style and find pieces you love, especially if you’re plus size. So, don’t be afraid! Take that journey to the men’s section.


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