White Sneakers to Rock in Spring and Beyond

White Sneakers to Rock in Spring and Beyond

One look through your TikTok FYP and you’ll see that white sneakers are having a moment. While Walmart AF1 dupes are turning everyone into a DIY customs artist, others are just now realizing you can wear white after Labor Day. From the Reebok Classic Leather to the futuristic Converse Run Star Hike, true sneakerheads know that white sneakers are a wardrobe mainstay, not just a fleeting trend.

White sneakers are versatile. You can wear them with everything from leggings and a sports bra to a ball gown and jean jacket. The options are endless when it comes to styling and that’s why you may find yourself needing more than one pair of white sneakers on standby. Not sure where to begin beefing up your personal sneaker closet? This list of white sneakers will give you some ideas and have you clicking ‘add to cart.’

1. Nike Air Force 1

White Nike Air Force 1's

The Nike Air Force 1 is the white sneaker that likely needs no introduction. Since the AF1 first premiered in 1982, the chunky silhouette has seen very little changes over time. While there are 1,700 color variations, white never goes out of style (or stock). The beauty of the AF1 is that every generation seems to bring their own flair to this classic style. So whether you wear your Forces with mom jeans or a white bandaid on your cheek, it’s hard to go wrong with this white sneaker.

2. Vans Slip-On

white slip-on vans

You don’t have to be a skater (or a participant in ‘White Boy Summer’) to wear white slip-on Vans. Forget tying laces - the elastic side accents make these bad boys perfect for a girl on the go. Since they’re canvas, you can pop these in the washing machine to get them bright and white.

3. Stan Smith Shoes

Stan Smith Adidas White Sneakers

Adidas is known for showcasing that three-stripe life and the Stan Smith design is a minimalist take on the brand’s signature stripes. This 50-year classic silhouette is now made using high-performance recycled materials making these a white sneaker that helps you and the environment look good.

4. Converse Run Star Hike

Converse Run Star Hike White Sneakers

Speaking of the environment, Converse is another brand elevating a classic style. Their Run Star Hike design is a futuristic platform style made with sustainable materials. Are you rough around the edges? This white on white on white sneaker features OrthoLite cushioning on the inside and a jagged outer sole just like your icy exterior and big ole warm heart.

5. Puma Cali

White Sneakers Puma Cali

Think of the Puma Cali as the streetwise version of their big sister, the California. What the California offers in sport, the Cali makes up for in style. This design features a full leather upper and classic tennis shoe silhouette with a modern stacked sole for a white sneaker that truly gives you the best of both worlds.

6. Reebok Classic Leather

White Sneakers - Reebok Classic Leather

While some classic white sneakers have received a modern re-style, others aren’t messing with a good thing. The Reebok Classic Leather has no need for reinvention. The soft leather upper sole makes for instant comfort while the lower sole features a high abrasion rubber that provides enough traction for you to be a full-on track star.

7. Fila WX-100

White Sneakers - Fila WX-100

While the Disruptor may be the more well known white sneaker in the Fila family, the underrated WX-100 provides a chic platform style silhouette. Think of the WX-100 as the mullet of white sneakers - It’s a classic tennis shoe on top and a modern chunky platform on the bottom. 

8. Keds Champion

White Sneakers - Keds Champion

Although the Keds Champion has been around since 1916, this white sneaker is far from stuck in the past. The Champion was the first canvas shoe on the market with a rubber sole and now, you can get this signature style made out of organic cotton.

9. Nike Ryz

White Sneakers - Nike Ryz

Always the innovator, Nike always has something fresh up its sleeve. Released in July 2020, The Ryz is an infant in the white sneaker world. This futuristic style riffs on a classic 90s chunky sneaker silhouette. Even in an all white colorway, the cutouts in the sole are definitely going to catch your eye.

10. New Balance Nergize Sport

New Balance Nergize Sport White Sneakers

We’ve already established you’re busy so if you are on the hunt for a white sneaker in a sporty slip-on style, look no further than the New Balance Nergize Sport. The mesh upper makes for a breathable feel while the signature New Balance Comfort Insert ensures you can look good and avoid staining your white kicks with blisters after being on your feet all day.

White sneakers are nothing new but every season can mark a new take on this classic style. As the weather warms up, don’t be afraid to mix up your white sneaker rotation with something new. Whether you’re a slip-on girl or a high-top babe, there’s a white sneaker for every aesthetic.


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