40 Plus Size Women to Follow for Sneaker Style Inspiration

40 Plus Size Women to Follow for Sneaker Style Inspiration

Search any sneakerhead hashtag and you’re sure to find plenty of sneaker style inspiration but what’s missing from that search is plus size women. Among the sneaker-adorned walls and mirror selfies, you’re more likely to find a curve on a sports car than a curve on a body.

Wearing sneakers with style doesn’t have a size limit. Society has dictated that plus size women always look “put together” and this looks like dressing traditionally feminine and showing curves in order to be seen as acceptable. Sneakers, in a way, disrupt this narrative. Plus size women can wear sweats with sneakers and not look sloppy. You can have curves and wear menswear.

Essie and Katie created Thick Laces to fill that void and to show that plus size women do kill the sneaker game. It’s necessary for this space to exist to provide a more inclusive look at sneaker style. Thick Laces is here to shine a light on those individuals that are doing just that. In this list, you’ll find plus size women who not only show that style has no size but also that sneakers belong on everyone’s feet!


1. @poizonivythedj 


Ivy Awino aka Poizon Ivy The DJ wears two hats for the Dallas Mavericks. She’s their sports sound strategist as well as the Senior Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility. And whether she is in a pair of Jordan Retro 1’s or classic white converse, Ivy’s style has something to say.


2. @miseanclaron


Miseanclaron is the woman behind the brand, Made By Mí. Her brand transforms basketballs into chic handbags and Jordan’s into swarovski-covered dream sneakers. Her individual style is just as creative showing that sneakers and sweats can be just as stylish as sneakers and a puff-sleeve dress. 


3. @tyalexander


Ty Alexander has been a staple in the plus size fashion community for years through her blog Gorgeous in Grey. These days, you can catch Ty modeling for brands like Ulta, spinnin’ records as a DJ and being a best-selling author. Ty is a busy woman and whether she’s sporting a graphic tee or a flowy dress, Ty shows sneakers can work with any look.


4. @ravey_baby


Raven is a plus size influencer and entrepreneur. With her brands, Drip of Mocha and Shop Ravey Baby, it’s clear to see that Raven has a style that folks want to buy for themselves. She seamlessly styles sneakers with mini skirts and sweats with stilettos in a swag that is unmatched at any size.


5. @crys.lajoy


Crys LaJoy is one-sixth of the Thick Laces creative team and for obvious reasons. Crys is a hair stylist by day but one look at her Instagram shows her bag of tricks runs deep. She can mix patterns like no one else. She seamlessly integrates menswear into her personal style and manages to match every bold look with the perfect sneaker. 


6. @thelaurengray


The sneaker selfie is a staple of sneakerhead culture but thicker ankles, wider feet and curves always seem to be left out of the narrative. Lauren Gray is a plus size influencer with a distinct streetwear flair to her style. Lauren shows that kicks selfies are for all sizes.


7. @_tashiab


Tashia is an artist and the creative curator behind The Sneaker Exhibit, an experience designed to highlight the personal styles of sneaker enthusiasts. While Tashia’s personal style is not the sole focus of her page, you will certainly get an education on sneaker style from following her page.


8. @Jazzmynejay


Jazzmyne Jay is a diversity and inclusion consultant with one of the most distinct and recognizable personal styles in the plus size industry. Sneakers play a big role in her style.. You can catch her sporting kicks at New York Fashion Week shows or being featured in videos for Buzzfeed’s As/Is. 


9. @dwfashion


Danielle Williams-Eke is the Design Director of 11 Honoré, a retailer dedicated to expanding designer plus size options. With a flair for the high end, Danielle’s style definitely blends luxury with streetstyle.


10. @piecesofposh


Latrice considers herself a thrift influencer using her platform to share secondhand deals and bargains she finds on clothes and kicks. Plus size babes on a budget look no further than Latrice for your sneaker inspo.


11. @lexxmone


Lexx Monè is a self-proclaimed beauty enthusiast and runs a women’s ministry, Crowned by Christ. Her style is pretty heavenly and whether she’s in a dress or some jeans, she knows how to make every sneaker shine.


12. @nahjustkiana


Kiana Barnes is a digital creator who takes a cozy approach to curvy fashion incorporating thrifted pieces alongside sneakers. Her style inspiration doesn’t stop at what’s on her feet, everything she wears from a Vixxstudios bustier to a “Babygirl” gold anklet is a total mood.


13. @monskickz


This South East London influencer uses her platform to show off her kicks. You can catch plenty of pink and a penchant for AirMax.


14. @_loveeli


Elizsa is a plus size blogger with a creative flair. She creates art through her brand, Key to REALity. Her artistic vision is definitely apparent in the way she styles sneakers like no one else!


15. @bqgarrett_


B. Garrett is a part of the Thick Laces Creative Team and one look at her style shows you why. The Founder of Dear Fat Girl, motivates plus size women to live their best lives while her style inspires her followers to open their wallet to another dope pair of sneakers.


16. @kixiejixie


Kixie Jixie has been in the sneaker game using her voice and platform to call out sexism in the industry while actively making more opportunities for women through InHerSoles Collective. And as you may guess, her sneaker collection is deep!


17. @sakina_bnch


Clothing has no gender and Sakina shows that she can look just as good in an oversized sweatshirt and sneakers or a tight crop top and high slit maxi skirt with heels. Catch her blending styles seamlessly pairing fancy dresses with fresh kicks.


18. @mereymsfirst


Meryem Slimani started out as a plus size blogger and was always someone you could count on for sneaker style inspiration. These days, she’s mostly turned the lens on her mother, a 67-year-old hijabi mother who shares Meryem’s love of streetwear. But you can still catch them together in Vogue Netherlands.


19. @brasilnality


London-based Andrea C. Da Silva is the CEO of Coconut Social, a creative social media and talent agency focused on representation. It’s clear that Da Silva knows a thing or two creative social media from her own personal work as an influencer. You can catch her teaming up with sneaker brands and infusing her distinct personals style in every look.


  20. @mauibigelow


Maui Bigelow has been a strong voice in the plus size community for years. Through her events, LifeStyled Honors and Curvy Noire, she’s helped to put plus size designers on the map. Although events have taken a pause, Maui hasn’t stopped putting designers as she continues to sport indie designers alongside sneakers.


21. @teeleeper


Tee Leeper is a content creator who calls herself a “faith filled Sneakerhead with curls” and that description is spot on. Among cute pics with her hubby of ten years, you can catch her casual chic sneaker style.


22. @tiona_deniece


Tiona Deniece is not only part of the Thick Laces creative team but she’s also a talented singer with an extensive sneaker collection. You can catch her inspiring with her voice, her style and her overall is truly a gift!


23. @kaylaschaos


Kayla Boyd is an NYC-based digital creator and Buzzfeed editor with a love for sneakers and streetwear. You can catch her online writing about Sneakerhead must-haves that will have you buying an Air Jordan wall clock and the drop-front sneaker organizers to finally get your shoe room in order.


24. @sneakerreen


This page is dedicated to Ree’s personal style and love of sneakers. With a masculine flair to their style, this female sneakerhead shows that tomboy chic is a LOOK.


25. @essiegolden


Essie Golden is an icon in this plus size fashion game and as if her resume wasn’t long enough, she started Thick Laces alongside Katie Alexis to create a space to specifically celebrate plus size women in sneaker culture. You can catch Essie partnering with brands like Foot Locker, Nike, and Reebok while continuing to put on indie designers in streetwear.


26. @livinglamondaloca


ATL-based Lamonda Teaira is a blogger who blends her love of sneakers with fitness and fashion. This engineer by day also co-hosts Coco&Tea Podcast.


27. @_lifeasaisha


Aisha A. is doing the good work giving detailed reviews of women’s sneakers on her YouTube channel, Life as Aisha. Her personal sneaker style combines streetwear with work chic.


28. @mikayla_shanice


Mikayla Shanice uses her online platform to share both her love of sneakers and her loc journey. Whether you are following for the locs or the sneakers, you’ll find yourself wanting more of everything Mikayla brings to the table.


29. @sabrinastyled


Sabrina Servance is a plus size model, blogger and all around stylish babe. You can almost always catch her wearing Converse sneakers of some kind and making them look chic AF. 


 30. @kurvykatie


Katie Alexis, one half of Thick Laces co-founding duo, is a long time plus size blogger known online for her amazing deal-finding abilities and an unmatched sneaker style. You can always count on Katie for a coupon code and a look you need to find a way to emulate.


31. @fashionmycurves


Ira is a content creator who focuses on beauty, hair, makeup and sneakers. Her style blends vintage inspiration with current trends and the latest kicks.


32. @ceej_thee_pony


Ceejaye E. Iman is a blogger, content creator and recently signed plus size model. Whether she’s sporting lingerie or tees, Ceejaye has that presence and air that you can make you stop in your tracks.


33. @iamfabellis


Ashley Carter is a long time plus size fashion blogger and she’s known for her ability to make thrifted items look like a million bucks. Her sneaker style is casual, cool and of course, chic.


34. @rachelmeiring


Rachel Meiring likens her personal style to Miss Piggy which is a high compliment and worthy comparison. From outfits inspired by movies to album covers, sneakers always play a role in Rachel’s uber-creative looks.


35. @astoldbymika


As a writer for outlets like Hello Giggles, StyleCaster and XONecole, Mika Robinson has something to say. On her Instagram page, she also shows that her style can do the talking styling sneakers with effortless ease.


36. @KellyAugustine


Kelly Augustine is a long-time plus size blogger with a keen eye for fashion that also keeps her working as a stylist. While Kelly’s personal style is bold and bright, she often keeps her sneaker style classic with white high top Chucks.


37. @denisemarieko


Denise Marie Kokinis is a plus size style blogger and influencer based out of Chicago. While she’s known for showing off the city’s many murals, she often does so by pairing the latest fashion trends alongside new kicks.


38. @nailsandgrails


Lucy Andina’s platform is a shining example of matching your nails to your kicks. From Halloween-inspired looks to nails to match her Grateful Dead dunks, there’s no limit to Lucy’s creative genius.


39. @moreaboutnyyyy


Ny considers herself a sunflower in human form and it’s certainly true that her smile can light up a room. Her sneaker style is classic and certainly sparks joy.


40. Yours Truly, @readytostare


Oh heyyyyy, it’s me, your author and Thick Laces creative contributor. I’ve been in the plus size fashion game for years but I’m a budding Sneakerhead. With a growing collection of wide-width friendly kicks, I love finding new ways to incorporate sneakers with my gaudy, bold and unapologetic style. 


For more plus size sneaker style inspiration, make sure you follow along at @ThickLaces and don’t forget to tag #ThickLaces for a chance to be featured! 

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