Treat Yourself with These Sneaker Accessories

Treat Yourself with These Sneaker Accessories

Being a sneakerhead is a lifestyle. Your love of sneakers certainly goes beyond just what you put on your feet. You may want to express your love through sneaker accessories and we are right there with you! 

While the majority of popular sneakers are made by large retailers, sneaker accessories can be a good way to support small and indie creators. Every purchase you make from a small business, like the Thick Laces shop, can make a big impact! 

These sneakers accessories can be used to punch up your footwear or add a bit of street chic to your OOTD. So whether you are treating yourself or shopping for a friend or loved one, you don't have to get a W on SNKRS to make a sneakerheads' day.

1. Gem it to Me 

Sneaker Accessories - Shoelace Clip

Thick Laces is more than just a community of curvy sneakerheads, we've got merch too, y'all! Jazz up your laces with these gem shoelace clip available in either the rainbow version or keep it classic crystal

2. Hoop There It Is

Nike Hoop Earrings

Hoops and Nike sneakers are as natural a combination as peanut butter and jelly. Embrace the synergy with these Nike-inspired hoop swoosh earrings. Available in gold, silver or rose gold, just buy 'em! For a bigger impact, grab the larger version in gold.  

3. Hit the Concrete

Sneakerhead Accessories

Instead of taking on L on the next Jordan Cement release, grab this concrete shoe tray. You can store all of your jewelry and small accessories right here in this Jordan-inspired resin creation. Complemented by tiny holographic lightening bolts, each tray is handmade so no two trays are the same. 

4. A Bag for Ballers

Basketball Purse

Searching for the perfect purse to match your Air Max? Look no further than the OG creator of the basketball bag - TOMME. Created in 2016, the 3.0 Basketball Bag transforms this everyday object into an iconic accessory. 

5. Pin It

'GOT EM pin

Seeing the "GOT 'EM" screen on the SNKRS app can make or break your whole day. Wear your win proudly with this brass plated pin that all of your fellow sneakerheads can relate to! 

6. By the Ankle

Shoe Chain

Wearing an anklet with socks and sneakers can just be too many layers especially in the summer heat. So hear me out - an anklet for your sneaker! Instead of rubbing against your skin, this anklet only hits your outer-sole. This blinged-out version features butterflies that pop against a classic white sneaker. You can find this genius design on Etsy. 

7. Touch of Converse

Converse inspired earrings

Charms aren't only for bracelets. You can show off your Chuck obsession with these fun Converse-inspired hoop earrings. They come in two different styles of hoops either one subtle enough for a sneakerhead that lets their kicks do the talking. 

8. Don't Be Shady

Adidas Accessories

If you are all about that 3 stripe life, why not match your sneakers to your shades? Available in both a white and a purple hue, these round sunglasses feature a subtle Adidas logo print at the top. 

9. Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

Sneaker accessories

The last place you'd ever want to see a pair of Jordan 1's end up is in a landfill. 85Customs gives old pairs of J's a whole new life by turning them into a wallet. Each Nike cardholder is made from an authentic Jordan 1s - cut directly from the shoe and finished with Italian leather on the backside. 

10. Oh my god, shoes

Shoes jewelry

Snash Jewelry has a nameplate ring for just every about everything and everyone including sneakerheads. Grab this nameplate "shoes" ring in brass, white bronze or sterling silver. Want something even more specific? Hit up Snash Jewelry up for a custom ring fit for your sneaker collection! 

11. Box It Up

Nike Shoe Box bag

Traveling with a bunch of shoe boxes just doesn't scream TSA-friendly but that doesn't mean your sneakers have to be exposed to the elements (or potential creases). Store your sneakers in this Nike shoebox bag or think outside the box and create a streetwear-ready look making this bag the star. 

12. To You, From ME

Melody Ehsani Earrings

Before Melody Ehsani collaborated with your favorite brands to create coveted sneaker designs, she was a jewelry designer. You can still grab her jewelry in own shop and lucky for us, there's no bots to combat with to get these ME Hoop Dream earrings

We get it. Sneakers are still your accessory of choice but don't forget to adorn your ears, your arms or your kicks themselves with these sneaker accessories. Whether you go for a big statement earring or a subtle shoe charm, show that your sneakerhead status goes beyond just footwear. 


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