Rock Out with Your Crocs Out - 10 Times Plus Size Babes Made Crocs Cool as Hell

Rock Out with Your Crocs Out - 10 Times Plus Size Babes Made Crocs Cool as Hell

Nearly 20 years after their 2002 debut, Crocs remain one of the divisive things you put on your feet. These comfy clogs first started out as a boating shoe that even the company’s founders thought were ugly at first. Comfort won over looks and Crocs quickly grew in popularity among professions that require long hours on your feet such as nurses and chefs. But how did this highly functional shoe become a Gen Z and now sneakerhead staple? 


Made from a foam material called Croslite, the brand quickly expanded its product offerings to include wedges, trainers, flip flops and more. In 2006, they acquired Jibbitz - the snap on accessories that allow wearers to really personalize their Crocs. Along the way, Crocs became a staple for folks that DGAF what people think about their style or their footwear. 


You can find certain Crocs on sneaker resell sites with bids as high as $800+. Celebrity collaborations include Ruby Rose, Bad Bunny, Post Malone, and Justin Bieber. Don’t forget about the coveted KFC x Crocs collab featuring two fried chicken scented Jibbitz. And of course, hypebeasts ate it up. 


So where does this leave curvy babes? If it’s stylish, trendy and happening in sneaker culture, you can bet that plus size babes are already hip to it. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite looks where plus size babes made crocs cool as hell. 


1. @bqgarrett_

Our own Thick Laces contributor, B. Garrett took her rainbow tie-dye crocs and paired them with a neon monochrome sweat set. Add hoops and a slicked-back ponytail and this look screams comfy chic. 

 2. @thisisjessicatorres

Jessica Torres is a style icon and one look at this outfit of the day Reel shows that. White crocs with chunky Jibbitz make not one but two stylish appearances and we are NOT worthy. 

3. @jamie_jetaime

Jamie's Croctober feature shows just how much Jibbitz can inspire your style when she created a look inspired by the nesting doll shoe charm. The Crocs on her feet? Only the Ruby Rose Just Love crocs - an in demand StockX favorite. 

4. @igwenie_kukua


Gwen showcases curve-hugging outfits of the monochromatic fashion. When she styled green, she paired the legging-crop top combo with tropical print Crocs for a summer ready look.

5. @rachelmeiring

Rachel Meiring is known for her rare Air Max but that doesn't mean you won't catch her looking cool as hell in a pair of tye dye smiley face crocs. 

6. @vegasfatkid

Luna Zumby is a self proclaimed Crocs enthusiast. Whether she's rocking her Crocs at Disneyland or at one of LA's many badass murals, she's showing her allegiance to Crocs was a good idea. 

 7. @__swaysia

It's safe to say that Sway has swag in excess. Just look at the heat she brought to the already smokin' Ocean Drive when she paired a white bikini with cheetah print Crocs. 

8. @ccbreezyyy


Curve model Concetta Brown shows that you don't need much more than a tee, bike shorts, Crocs and middle of the road squat to stunt. 

9. @braidsandbigearring

Disney lover Erin finds a way to blend her love for Mickey and Crocs while looking chic as heck in this denim boiler suit paired with white Crocs. 

10. @jazzmynejay

Jazzmyne Jay paired this fruity WRAY X BERRIEZ jumpsuit with blue and white tie dye crocs complete with Jibbitz for a pretty sweet look. 

Bonus - yours truly, @readytostare

I couldn't help but share one of my own favorite curvy Crocs looks featuring tie dye on tie dye with "Ready to Stare" Jibbitz. 

Now that you've gotten a taste for curvy babes in Crocs, feel free to bring your own looks to the party and when you do, make sure you are tagging #ThickLaces so we can see. Now go on and Croc out! 


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