Sneaker Head Staples

Sneaker Head Staples

In this day and age sneakers seem to be all the hype. With releases dropping left and right and new releases becoming seemingly harder to get, one thing to be true is that a true sneaker enthusiast will surely know that there are just certain sneakers you must-have in your sneaker collection. 


Below are my Top 5 list of sneaker must-haves in no particular order that should be in every sneaker enthusiast closet


Nike Air Force 1's

1. Nike Air Force 1 ( All White Preferably)

An all-white shoe should be apart of everyone’s sneaker collection. That’s law!!!! The Nike Air Force 1 made its debut in 1982 and since has become popular among sneaker trends. From rap artists like Nelly “Stomping in my Air Force ones" the shoe became the go-to shoe everyone must-have. The design for Nike Air Force 1’s made it so that it went with so many different outfits. The sneaker came in a high top and low top style eventually evolving into 100’s if not 1,000’s of colorways but one thing to be true was every year during back to school time, after church Easter, Sunday 1,000 of folks could be found rocking their all-white Air Force 1.


Adidas Stan Smith's

2. Adidas Stan Smith

Another sneaker must have an all-time classic is the Adidas Stan Smith ( Green/white colorway). This sneaker is named after Stan Smith an icon and grand slam winning tennis player who used to wear the shoe during his matches. An iconic player for an iconic shoe. Fun Fact the shoe was initially called the Robert Haillet. This sleek designed sneaker is a neutral sneaker that can be paired casually or even with a suit. Much like the Nike Air Force 1’s, this classic sneaker was found in the homes of many. Recently the Stan Smiths evolved and have been released in several different colorways but one this for sure the green and the white colorway will always be a classic and go with just about anything.


Air Max 95

3. Air Max 95

Another classic Nike silhouette shoe that should be in all your closets is the Nike Air Max 95. Let’s get into the fact that 95’s were originally running shoes. Can you believe it? Air max 95 is one of hip-hop culture's most popular shoe designs. In the early ’90s, this shoe was one of the most bootlegged shoe designs and still to this day is. Not only was the shoe bootlegged multiple times, but it was also popular among resellers. This silhouette was popular globally especially in places like Japan. Needless to say the Air Max 95 silhouette really took the world by storm and still continues to create different color ways in all size ranges.


Chuck Taylor's Converse

4. Chuck Taylor’s aka Converse 

In my best New York accent “Top 5 Dead or Alive” you shouldn’t be caught without a pair of Chuck Taylors in your closet. Named after famous basketball player Chuck Taylor. The shoe dates back as far as 1917 and has been able to transcend fashion for years. If any shoe is iconic on this list it would have to be converse. The shoe has been able to work stand fashion and remain affordable for many families. The shoe provides support and can be styled in many different ways. The shoe is durable and even when they get a little dirty, they add character to your outfit. Fun fact: Chuck Taylor's were once the official basketball Olympic shoes.


And last but certainly not least:

Air Jordan 1's

5. Air Jordan 1

These classic sneakers worn by the Legendary Micheal Jordan has quite the history. Did you know that when Jordan first started his favorite shoe to ball in were Chuck Taylor’s. It was said that Jordan initially wanted a sneaker deal with converse. Nike wanted Jordan’s partnership so bad they went on to create the Air Jordan 1. It’s debut color way called the Bred 1’s were popular among sneaker wearers everywhere. It’s said that Jordan was fined anytime he wore the 1’s because they went against the NBA uniform policy. Soon after the shoe became a hit everywhere. Much like today the Air Jordan 1 sold out and was also resold at a higher value. Today you can find the Air Jordan 1 in many of our closets and have come in many different colors. The shoe still continues to sell out and rock the sneaker world with each drop.


As you can see from this list each sneaker listed here is a classic shoe that should within a doubt be in every persons sneaker collection. Each shoe has a history within the sneaker community and even those who don’t consider themselves collectors can appreciate having a pair of each in their rotation. Each shoe from the list is a sleek design that can literally be worn in so many different ways. 

While price points vary by size converse is the most affordable park on the list. 

This concludes my Top 5 Dead or Alive Sneaker Enthusiast Must Haves.

Written by:

Brittany Garrett (IG: @bqgarrett_)


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