How Nike Has Forced Me to Be Inclusive of Other Brands

How Nike Has Forced Me to Be Inclusive of Other Brands
How Nike Has Forced Me to Be Inclusive of Other Brands

How Nike has forced me to be inclusive of other brands.

I have not hit on a SNKRS launch since October 2020. And they were few and far between before that. And you know what? As a devout Jordan retro wearer, I got tired of experiencing “Sadderdays” every Saturday. But look, I am a Sneakerhead, and a Sneakerhead is always going to buy sneakers. Thanks to Nike, I have had to resort to other brands to get my fix. To be quite frank, I am enjoying the diversity in my sneaker collection and the inclusion of other brands.

How Nike Has Forced Me to Be Inclusive of Other Brands

Finding Different Sneaker Brands

I do not think we talk about diversity in sneaker collections enough in the community. It is always about the hottest models out right now, like the Jordan 1 or the Dunk, which are almost the same shoe, give or take a zoom air unit in the heel. Or we are all vying for the next big collaboration and drooling over hard-to-get models. It is always about exclusivity with us and “Y’all ain’t got these.” Yet, we want these brands to be more inclusive of us…but that is a whole other story.

Being forced to change my approach to sneaker releases has been really refreshing. I can go for models that really resonate with me and are easy to get. When I first started dabbling in sneakers back in my “SneakerPlay” days, I was always in awe of those with collections that spanned models, types, technology, designs, and brands across the years. I always admired the collection that would have OG Air Jordan 1s, bulky Nike basketball shoes like the Air Garnett or Total Foamposite Max, classic Adidas Superstars, lush leather Air Force Ones, Reebok Questions, New Balance 2001s, Asics Gel Lyte IIIs, and so many models that I had not been introduced to before. 

How Nike Has Forced Me to Be Inclusive of Other Brands

Creating a Diverse Sneaker Collection

 My original goal when I first started buying sneakers was to have a diverse collection that was inclusive of all brands and reflected my expansive knowledge of sneaker styles. Then 2011 hit with the Concord 11 debacle, and the urgency to make sure I secured my Jordan Retro became the focus. I still purchased other brands, of course, but my priority became Jordan Retros.

Now SNKRS has left me with no choice but to return to my OG sneaker self, and I am enjoying the reunion. My last few pick-ups have included the Adidas Top Ten and Superstar Ji won Choi x Olivia Oblanc on super sale. I have been loading up on Nike IDs. I currently have my eye on the Converse Pro Leather X2 and Run Star Hike. I have been digging in the crates on eBay and plotting on grabbing my favorite team Jordan, the Jordan Jumpman Pro. 

I have also been buying from the black-owned and sneaker community-oriented brand, SIA Collective, and I have purchased their CV (Culture Vulture) 0.02 and the Kanye-inspired VV1 (Valedictorian). I also picked up the Vulture skate, which is inspired by the Nike Dunk and Ato Matsumoto, with the latter being worn by Kanye in 2007, ushering in the merge between high fashion and streetwear.

So, thank you, Nike, for the “Ls.”  As a result, I have remembered why I loved sneakers in the first place and have included some much-needed diversity in my sneaker collection. 

What pick-ups have y’all made recently outside of a hyped-up collaboration or Jordan 1?


Written by:

Reena Smith (IG: @Sneakerreen)

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