The Icons Collaboration

Thick Laces x KashmirVIII

In honor of Black History Month, Thick Laces and KashmirVIII have launched a special collaboration paying homage to the Black plus size women who’ve inspired them throughout the years.

A Love Letter to Our Black Icons

Written by Amber J. Phillips | @AmberAbundance 

To the Black girls who always knew they were superstars. 

Made to be seen and to take up space. Able to shift the energy in the room just by stepping their full bodies into the center of any stage and able to rock any mic. Always sharp, and adorned head to toe to their liking, they were the original influencers. The ones with the creativity to make something out of crumbs, scraps, and sometimes nothing but their imagination. The icons that deserved everything they fought for, and so much more.

Talented. The visionary on the vision board. The embodiment of flow and comedic timing.

They were the icons forced to push their way to the front. Forced to cite themselves as the source even when others would not. They gave a generation of creators and fly thick girls mantras to beat back erasure with proclamations like y’all ain’t stopping me. Copywritten so don’t copy me.

The girls with the abundant bodies and big voices that can make an audience freeze in wonder, and leap into movement with joy. They controlled the airwaves even when unseen, demanding that everybody dance now! or to get ready for the storm because it’s raining men! 

Sexy. Very fine in every definition of the word. Clear as crystal when describing exactly where they wanted a lover's hands on my hips to pull me right back to you. Ready to catch the thrust to give it right back to you. The girls who were quick to remind you I’m not your mama. I’m your girl. They weren’t ashamed of the thuggin’ in my blood, cookin’ pork chops and that rice, makin’ scrubs fall in love. 

Confrontational. They were always ready to square up. Willing to ask, who you callin a bitch? Prepared to stand ten toes down on antagonizing statements like skinny women are evil.The roughest roughest and toughest toughest. Demanding R-E-S-P-E-C-T. 

They are the hot girls, the bad bitches, the voice, the model, the artist, and the muse. Hilarious and stunning. 

To the girls that always knew they would be legendary. 

Missy Elliott


Aretha Franklin

Kelly Price

Countess Vaughn

Queen Latifah

Martha Wash

Mia X

Jill Scott 

La Chat

Lady of Rage

Phyllis Hyman

Our Beloveds. Our reason to start and to keep going. Our Black icons and the blueprint. And we will never let anyone forget it!

About The Icons

Thick Laces and KashmirVIII have come together to uplift Black plus size women. In an effort to create something celebrating the icons who have opened the doors for plus size representation and a reminder that Black Plus size women have contributed so much to the world. The. ICONS collection is a love letter to the plus size women who dared to live out loud and changed the game for everyone.

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