I Gotta Get to Know Ya

I Gotta Get to Know Ya

 Sneakers and Music with Crys LaJoy

We reached out to our ambassador Crys LaJoy to do a Q&A on all things music, fashion, sneakers, and her hometown Chicago. We are sure after you read her Q&A, you're going to fall in love we her like we have. 
What is your name, age and occupation?
Crys LaJoy, 37 and I am a hairstylist, content creator, influencer and blogger.
How did you become a sneakerhead?
My constant desire to be comfortable evolved into me becoming a Sneakerhead. I was always known to be in a pair of heels through my high school years & my 20’s. It eventually got old, so as my style often does, it shifted. I grew obsessed with menswear, baggy & comfortable clothes. I’d gained weight and been on my feet as a Hairstylist for almost 20 yrs. I also had a home salon for about 8 yrs so with me being home I was able to work in footies or house shoes. My feet got way too relaxed, and sneakers, or “gymshoes” as we say in Chicago, became my shoe of choice. So basically this journey came along with me needing to be relaxed at all times. You mix that with my passion for style, growing up in Chicago, one of the meccas of Sneakers and all things fly, and BOOM you got yaself a dope ass Sneakerhead!

Do you only stick to the popular brands when it comes to sneakers or do you love them a!? If so, what non popular brand or shoe are you loving at the moment?

I don’t discriminate. I love ‘em all! If they fly, sign me up. A non-popular brand that I’m loving right now is Karhu! Hella comfortable and fresh when paired with the right pieces.


What's The Most Unbelievable Way You've Come Across A Pair In Your Collection?

The Lucky Greens…on a trip to Nashville my friend was searching for a pair of sneakers, nothing in particular but definitely something dope. After being highly disappointed and homesick (because we were feening for some good shopping) we wound up in the heart of the hood at a spot called City Gear. I walk in and directly in front of the store on display is a pair of Lucky Greens, which we all know sold out immediately. I asked an associate what size it was and “Lucky” for me it was in my size! The only one in the store. I bought those shoes so quick it made my own head spin! LOL!

If you had to pick 3 favorites from your collection what would it be?

My Vapor Waffles, My Hollows Eve Off White Blazers & My Silver Toes


What’s the first pair of sneakers you ever purchased?

All white classic K•Swiss! Used to be a hit in Chicago when I was in high school.

How would you describe your style?
Girly TomBoy. No matter what I’m wearing, a dress or joggers, I’ll have a pair of sneakers on. My gold chains are a must, a fly bag or hat & a bold lip.

Women are often left out of the sneaker conversation. Things are slowly changing but what do you think brands can do to continue to make space for more women in the game?

Highlight more women, HIRE more women, Collab with more female influencers. WE GOT SOMETHING TO SAY!!

Fashion and music go hand in hand, who are you listening to right now?Everybody! I am what you would call a pure music head! I listen to everybody & everything all the time! If it sounds good I’m vibing. However, weekly I find myself listening to maybe one or two songs repeatedly. This week it’s “Magic” by Lil Skies & Emawk’s “Yet”. Both VERY different from one another but it’s a true testament to my musical taste.

We see that you are a real cool. What made you get into cooking and what’s your favorite dish to cook?
My mom taught me the basics in the kitchen, you know traditional, African American cuisine/soul food.  When I moved out on my own at the tender age of 18 I began to experiment with non traditional (for my upbringing) food. I watched cooking shows for entertainment which peaked my interest in regards to herbs and flavor. My palate began to expand and the kitchen became my playground. It’s extremely therapeutic for me. I love playing with different flavors & recipes that I come up with. I’m also into photography/film so it’s always fun to record myself preparing my dishes. If I’m paying attention I’ll keep a record of my ingredients & steps, document a recipe & post it to my recipe site check em out by following this link  https://gumroad.com/cryslajoy
Chicago is such a wonderful and beautiful city. How much influence has Chicago had on your style and taste in music?
Chicago is music and style. My city has had a huge influence on my style and taste in music. I mean we got Kanye so there’s that! Style runs deep in my family. Myself, mom, and my grandad are designers. My Dad is a DJ and has a massive vinyl collection, hence me having 7,000 songs saved to my Apple. I got both style & music honest!
What quote/motto do you live by?
Be Free! Literally my motto! Got it tatted on my right inner forearm & had a doormat that said it some years back.


Crys' Latest Music Playlist



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