What Are Deadstock Sneakers?

What Are Deadstock Sneakers?

Are you a sneaker reseller? If yes, you must be familiar with the term ‘Deadstock.’ If you are not, there is no problem. Today, we will discuss deadstock sneakers in detail. So without further ado, let’s get started! 

What Are Deadstock Sneakers?

Nowadays, sneakerheads will tell you it means brand new kicks, undamaged box, and never been tried on by someone and have all of its tags.

By StockX, these are new, authentic, and unworn pairs with the original box, including lid and label. However, these sneakers may or may not include any additional accessories, like laces.

The OG Meaning of Deadstock Sneakers

The formerly used term to describe deadstock is those pairs that are no longer in production. These could include limited-edition sneakers or brands that have just stopped producing i.e., Nike Dunk High Wu-Tang (1999). These are also abbreviated as DS, or sometimes NDS means, near deadstock.

What Is The Hype For?

The term ‘deadstock’ is becoming familiar and popular by most sneakerheads. You could find most people who don’t know anything about sneakers and have never heard the term deadstock. But with the latest market trends and awareness among the sneakerhead community and resale market, this term has become a commonly used one. 

Those sneakers lovers who have a passion for collecting deadstock can better help you understand the hype. They sometimes called snobs because of their love—mostly the reseller who collect headstock sneakers and then sell them for the highest profit.

Even the streetwear products are sold under the term deadstock, and the reasoning for it shares the same resemblance. 

How To Determine If Deadstock Sneakers Are Real?

Well, unfortunately, there’s no specific standard criteria to find out that, like various big resale companies, have sold a lot of sneakers that had been used. The simple thing is when you buy from other sources, like from online or retail stores, then you are taking a high risk of sneakers not being deadstock. When purchasing online, you are ultimately taking the risk because you never know what item you will get.

However, here are a few clues and signs which you can use to figure out:

  1. The first and obvious one is to check the sole. Look if there’s an obvious clue of dirt or missing stars at the bottom of the sole.
  2. You can also check for the toe and sole of the pair if there’s any scuff marks or cuts.
  3. Check the laces; you would easily find if these have been untied. 
  4. Lastly, check the insole and see if there’s any missing letter or icon on the shoe print.

New Without Box Deadstock

Well, you will even find the new sneakers without the original box or the damaged one. But these are the sketchiest type to buy as for me; I’m skeptical about calling these new sneakers. It’s simple; a sneakers pair without a box states that they wore them and threw the box.

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

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